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Student Responses

"I'm not sure I could ever begin to express my gratitude towards you and this incredible program you let me be a part of. These past two weeks have honestly been the best and most enriching experience. I had such a blast with the music and people, I learned so much, and took a huge step in the right direction with my music career. You even managed to make me a more confident player - gasp - out of me! Being here also gave me the opportunity to meet such wonderful musicians, both on my level, and also at your level of achievement, the faculty are such amazing musicians. Y'all rock. Seriously, and I think the most special thing about the coaches is that you're so above us, but won't ever let us know. You bring yourselves down to our level and allow us to be equals."

Sarah (student)

"I have been 3 year in Puerto Rico and no-one never told me about do that.. I think more important than that, was the intention you had with me, the intention of help me ,,for that,, thank you very much.,, I didn't want to lose the opportunity to say you . For all of that thanks again. By the way , I'm working very hard on my right arm and, I'm changing all my bad positions,, my song is getting better and I feel more free to play. I remember when I worked with you , when you help me with musicals ideas,,, it was wonderful,, since that class ,, I'm playing very different ,, I feel very good.. It was an enormous pleasure to work with you."

Thankful: Alejandro (student)

"Just a little note, packed with many thanks for finding it both in your hearts and your music program to fit Ashley in. Your kindness means the world to both of us- She has enjoyed these two weeks, for the past three years, more than any other time in her life."

Student's Mother - a note sent in the middle of the two-week session

"First of all, I can't thank you enough for inviting me into the surreal world of the Stony Brook Summer Music Festival. All in all it was an out of this world experience that has made my summer complete. I think I was in the right place at the right time, and in that two week time span it has done so much for me. It's as if you two are like my musical fairy godparents or something like that, and it just rejuvenated the creative side of my brain, and my psyche for that matter. I think I learned as much, if not more from the Festival at Stony Brook, than I did while at T���� and S��.., and this program definitely surpassed my expectations of it. I think the placing of me in the Schubert Quintet was perfect, and I think the blend brought out the best in us, (and at some moments the worst of us, but the good won!) I think as far as Chamber work is concerned, this surpasses my experiences at both programs by a long shot."

Greg (student)

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to join your group. Because of your guidance and hard work, I have been practicing every day since I came home. Stony Brook Summer Music Festival has enlightened me. I have learned a lot more about myself as a person and a musician. I have t thank all my peers for inspiring me and sharing in a great time. Everyone was so friendly, I'm so glad I attended the festival. I am definitely planning to audition again next year."

Mike (student)

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. This was a wonderful experience. I learned so much, about life and myself as person and a musician. Thank you for the opportunity to make lifelong friends. I will never forget it."

Lisa (student)